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A passion for cigars became one of the premier cigar brands internationally

Meet Glen Case

Who would guess that nineteen years in the corporate finance industry would lead to one of the best cigar manufacturers in the World? Mid-life crisis turned success, Glen decided to make a change for the better, leaving the corporate world to focus on his true passion.

Glen started off in the professional cigar industry as an independent sales rep, but it only took six months before he knew he wanted to launch his own line, which set off the first sparks of Kristoff Cigars, and the rest is history.

But Glen is more than just his passions, his values as a family man are rooted within the whole of Kristoff Cigars. Even the name, Kristoff, comes from his son, Christopher, while his daughter, Brittany continues to inspire blends like Kristania. Whether he’s working to develop new cigars, or camping with his family, Glen is dedicated to what he loves.

Kristoff Cigars: GC Signature Series Finest Cigars